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Mary Emiline Watts Brewer

Beatryce Nivens with cousins Cynthia Porcher, Dr. Kelly Ennix and Nancy Merriman

Beatryce Nivens and Watts family members at Memorial

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Beatryce Nivens....weaves a fascinating story of Emiline Watts Brewer, her great grandmother who lived and toiled as a slave on a Mount Croghan, South Carolina farm. She is the founder of The Brewer Center For Slavery and Genealogical Research and author of Children Go Where I Send Thee: The Brewers Uncover Their Roots.


  • Hear the words and post-Civil War, Congressional testimonies of former slaves who also were on that farm. 

  • See a court deed that gave 50 acres of land to Emiline's mother. 

  • Learn how Nivens was able to crack the genealogical code and learn the full name of Emiline's slave owner and father-Thomas H. Watts as well as extensive Brewer history.

  • From Lincolnís signing of the Emancipation that freed slaves in Southern Confederate states to African American rule in South Carolina for eight years, Nivens tells an incredible story of former slaves' fortitude and their desire to overcome the cruelties of slavery to build new lives. 

  • In this 150th year of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, you will listen to Nivens as she tells of her ancestors' survival during Reconstruction. It is a story of how the Brewers were able to persevere enough to give a plot of land to each of their 11 children and provide a legacy that educated countless scores of future generations. One story is how Emiline and Robert Brewer's grandsons became doctors, a dentist and pharmacist one generation out of slavery.

  • She also tells the meetings between the Brewers and Watts family members (descendants of Thomas H. Watts) in both 2011 and 2012.


Nivens' story details how the descendants of Thomas H. Watts-- Emiline's slave owner and father contacted her via email leading to two meetings of the families to promote racial harmony and reconciliation. 


In tribute to her great grandparents-Robert and Emiline Brewer, Nivens has compiled all of her family's genealogy in a 190-page book entitled Children Go Where I Send Thee: The Brewers Uncover Their Roots. The Brewer Family website is



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