Cynthia Porcher, the great-great granddaughter of Thomas Watts, an author and genealogist found Emiline's obituary at her aunt's house. Afterward, Nancy Merriman, a family member of Andrew Watts contacted the Brewers. As a bit of a genealogist, Beatryce Nivens emailed the Watts. After a little back and forth, the Brewers and Watts agreed to meet in Pageland, South Carolina.


Both the Brewers and Watts came together for this historic meeting on October 16th....the same day that the Dr. Martin Luther King's monument was dedicated or some 86 years after Mary Emiline Watts' death. It was Dr. King's dream that the sons and daughters of slave owners and slaves would come together at the table of brotherhood. The Brewers and Watts actualized this dream last October. A documentary is being planned to explore the relationship between the two families. We are also exploring doing DNA testing with the two groups.  




The Brewers on farm

Mary Emiline Watts Brewer


In October 2011, the Watts and Brewers met and shared family stories at the Wesley Chapel Church. This culminated in lasting friendships and relationships. Here we are at Mary Emiline's grave.



Robert Brewer, our great-grandfather and Mary Emiline had 14 children together. He died in 1891. This is his grave at Oro Methodist Church in Pageland.


Mary Emiline Brewer passed away in 1925. She is buried in the Wesley Chapel Church's cemetery.


Grave of Vinnie Brewer Gathings, first child of Robert and Emiline.



Booker T. Washington asked Julius Rosenwald, his friend and president of Sears and Roebuck to fund the building of schools for Black Children in the rural South. Wesley Chapel Church's school was one of those funded.


The late Arthur Brewer built his house (above) on the site of the Wesley Chapel Church.


Julius Rosenwald was responsible for funding 







The first picture is Effie, my grandmother...Robert and Emiline's sixth child. Next come my aunts Beatryce, Bertha and Blanche. My Dad..."Snooks" Nivens is in the seventh picture. His brother Walter comes afterward,




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